What Clients Are Saying


Goal: Tone up for her wedding

"I booked some sessions with Simone to help me tone my arms for my wedding day. Simone helped me achieve just that! She was very professional and did a full assessment at the start to check everything was ok. She brought all the necessary equipment along and helped me to figure out the right weights. She made me feel so comfortable from the start. She was extremely encouraging and pushed me when she knew I could do more. She also devised an excellent plan to help me achieve my goals, adapting it as I progressed along. I was so happy with the end results, I could really see a difference. I highly recommend her!"


Nina, 54 
Goal: Weight Loss

“Simone’s enthusiasm, knowledge and adaptability enabled me to lose almost 10 kg in 12 months. Her enthusiasm is infectious and she has a great sense of humour, both help in pushing you to get the results you want. Not only is she knowledgeable about exercise and human physiology which enables her to adapt exercises to accommodate injuries, but she has also lots of helpful tips and information about nutrition which can be sustained. If you apply yourself with suggested exercises between seeing Simone and are honest with your eating habits, then it is very easy to lose weight with Simone.  She comes highly recommended.”


Lara, 30
Goal: Antenatal: To keep fit and strong throughout her pregnancy

“I started training with Simone when I was four months pregnant after a long break from exercise. I found Simone listed online as an expert in antenatal training and I am so glad I did! She did a thorough assessment before we started and helped me to get in shape responsibly while undergoing significant changes throughout my pregnancy. I love my sessions with Simone. She is so easy to be around and makes getting in shape feel comfortable. She respects and supports my fitness goals, while making helpful suggestions for improvements. I definitely recommend working with her! ”


Michael Lewis
Goal: To be active with Parkinson's Disease

“We knew Simone for 3.5 years. During this time she cared for my husband, Michael who had Parkinson's and later a brain tumour. He passed away in December 2016. Michael used to look forward to her coming home to give him his exercises. Simone is very, very caring and patient and trustworthy. I would recommend her ability to patients. Testimonial by wife Valerie. 

(This picture was taken when Michael took me to the Emirates, to watch both our teams play each other!) ”


Joseph, now 85
Goal: To be strong (at 81 years of age!)

"I was looking for someone more than just a personal trainer; someone who would understand my father's personal needs and someone I could trust to push father to his limits but in no way risk his health.  

My father still remains quite fit thanks to Simone. He's had various health issues and Simone has adapted his training accordingly.  This has not only enabled him to be fitter physically but fitter mentally too - my father often says "the training keeps me young!

Not only is Simone a great trainer, she's a really lovely person, caring, understanding, professional and designs her training sessions precisely to my father's needs.  She gets the balance right".

(Testimonial by Joseph's daughter)


"I began training with Simone in 2014 following a health scare which made me think that I should take a bit more care of myself. I had never done any exercise before and had always actively avoided it where I could so I had no idea that what I thought was going to just be an hour of exercise every Sunday morning would turn into a lifestyle change and finding something that I’m completely passionate about; all thanks to Simone’s incredible approach to training, support and positivity.


Simone has so much enthusiasm for what she does and a huge amount of knowledge. She always challenged me to push myself but without ever making me feel uncomfortable. She ensured that she explained in detail how to perform each exercise so that I knew I was doing it safely and provided alternatives to things that I wasn’t able to do to ensure that I got a full workout each week. She also listened to what my goals were as I began to feel more confident and tailored our sessions towards those. She was flexible with our sessions, punctual, completely reliable and would always go over and above; bringing different equipment to our sessions for me to try and was happy to answer questions and provide support in between sessions via text message.


I relocated to Edinburgh so unfortunately could no longer keep seeing Simone however thanks to our Sunday morning sessions I have joined a gym here and continue to exercise at least five times a week; not just for the health benefits but because, thanks to Simone and her knowledge and encouragement, I have found something that I am truly passionate about. She absolutely changed my life and I would recommend her to anyone wanting a PT" 😊


Goal: To start exercising for health benefits