Your initial consultation will be included in your first session. This will give me an understanding of your short and long-term goals, and is a vital process for successful Personal Training.

During the consultation, a variety of useful tests will provide benchmarks to measure your progress, which will help me to create a bespoke programme made specifically for you and your needs.

Tests include:

·     Body Weight measurements  

·      Body Fat Composition 

·     Blood Pressure Analysis      

·     Fitness Testing


Following your initial assessment, your bespoke programme will be progressively challenging, with a focus on technique, education and fun.

You will receive guidance throughout your programme, helping you to achieve full health and fitness development.


Your training can be done wherever you choose, in different environments such as your private studio, outdoors or in the comfort of your own home.

Sessions include:

·      Body Weight, Weights & Resistance Bands  

·     TRX Suspension Training

·      Cardio Training                      ·     Weight Management 

·      Boxercise                               ·      Programme Reviews

·      Kettlebells                              ·     Nutritional Advice